This is our mission


We create our products from what's best, because we believe that Good Ingredients make us happy. And when we are happy, we want to do good!

From an idea
to the practice

Our need to positively impact the world makes us strive to create natural and innovative sweets available each day

We are sure that sweets can have a short and simple list of ingredients - without any preservatives, coloring agents, artificial aromas, or palm oil - at the same time providing 100% of the taste and pleasure. We also believe that sweets may be products with good and simple ingredients, even in the case of mass produced ones. 

Our goal is to create trends and set new standards by perfecting recipes in a pioneering manner. The idea behind Good Ingredients constitutes a combination of many years of experience, an openness to the growing expectations of consumers, and the knowledge which we gain from working with the Experts' Council formed by people from the world of science. Precisely for you - our clients - we want to care even more for the quality of our products, and that is why we set our new and individual path.

We believe that positive impulses make us happy. And when we are happy, we want to do good! 


From an idea to the practice

At Wawel we offer only the highest quality sweets, without any compromises. However, beautiful ideas followed only by words are just sweet promises. Whereas, Good Ingredients in Wawel's sweets are nothing but facts.